Writing is my absolute passion and I’m using this blog to showcase what I love to do. No genre or style is off limits.

I’m an English/Creative writing graduate from Kansas State University. I like challenging my writing skills and improving on what I have already been taught.

I most often write poetry, But I also will post short fiction, short non-fiction, humor, and sports & pop culture topics. I might also sneak in some photography and a rare original short video.

Skip around the site and find the style of writing that fits your reading interests.

Along with strengthening my own writing voice, I want to collaborate whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you are a writer and want to work together:

  1. Look me up on social media or leave a comment so we can throw around ideas and prove two heads are better than one.


2. If you have your own work you would be willing to publish on Forty-Three Writing, I’d be glad to hear from you. Leave a comment on my contact page and lets get to work.