A Finely Tuned Mess

He used to be confident, now she can’t see him or his shadow called pathetic.

She use to be thinner, which in his mind meant she use to be better.

They both were aware of how little they talked now. A consequence of never shutting up in their twenties.

Happiness has been gone for quite sometime,

Optimism was the latest to leave.

People gravitate towards the kind and the weak for the same reasons: it disguises the state of our own morals.

That’s why they’ve been together for the better half of a decade.

All people romanticize the dead, but she asked him to romanticize her now. He tried with short words:

Love is selfishness in a costume.

Could you play the part for me?

We are shallows and depths

The waves right before they break.


The Geography of Sentiment

Words ruin the feelings I want to share next,

But I think I have to try.

I am here and you are there,

Separated by miles and millions of people i’d rather not think of.

My mind is still captivated by you.

You are my reminder of the quiet place within my soul.

I go back to that place when I feel overwhelmed.

I go back to you when I need a moment of rest.

I pull you into my confusion for a whisper of calm.

Our geography hints at isolation.

But truth from a distance remains truth,

And I will keep you near until you are.

I’ll keep you near until you are.

Vice Asunder

Thunder, Thunder,

Voice asunder,

Tell me more,

Tell me what I’m looking for.

I’m lost in the storm.

I’ve lost all warmth,

Chasing the forest

With the lightning chorus.

What I search is the dawn,

What I search for is gone.

Thunder, Thunder,

Vice asunder.