The Geography of Sentiment

Words ruin the feelings I want to share next,

But I think I have to try.

I am here and you are there,

Separated by miles and millions of people i’d rather not think of.

My mind is still captivated by you.

You are my reminder of the quiet place within my soul.

I go back to that place when I feel overwhelmed.

I go back to you when I need a moment of rest.

I pull you into my confusion for a whisper of calm.

Our geography hints at isolation.

But truth from a distance remains truth,

And I will keep you near until you are.

I’ll keep you near until you are.


Vice Asunder

Thunder, Thunder,

Voice asunder,

Tell me more,

Tell me what I’m looking for.

I’m lost in the storm.

I’ve lost all warmth,

Chasing the forest

With the lightning chorus.

What I search is the dawn,

What I search for is gone.

Thunder, Thunder,

Vice asunder.

In Silence

I haven’t heard from a god this year

Even though my words mirror chapter ten David.

Do my prayers even reach them? Or do they settle on the moon?

I can’t clearly define what a soul is, but I know mine hurts.

Maybe I’m a romantic,

Or maybe I’ve lost some religion.


I acknowledge Him like I acknowledge a far away lighthouse.

I know it is signaling for me in the night,

But I can’t set a course for the shore yet.

I have an ocean to tame.